Novel Foundation at Glance

Novel Foundation is registered as non-profit organizations NGO towards alleviating poverty or solving other pervasive social problems to make our Country Nepal a poverty free nation by creating Social Entrepreneurs in our society. Through our Foundation, we wish to establish social businesses hub to discuss more about the social problem as well as further discussion regarding the new strategies to be implemented to enhance welfare of the people across the nation with employment, education, and healthcare, clean water, clean energy.

Our young generation is not dreaming big. Mother earth is crying for next Mother Teresa, next Einstein, and next Jeff Bezos to eradicate poverty and at the same time to build a sustainable development. So our main theme of Foundation to empower children and students think big, think out of the box to develop themselves to stand own and own and later on share their profit to solve community problems for sustainable development at their level best.

Novel Foundation at Glance

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    How We Work

    To fulfill this mission, the Novel Foundation works with strategic partners to develop and implement programs that create economic opportunity for marginalized people for sustainable development, empower Young for Social Entrepreneurship, improve public health, and inspire young aspirant’s engagement and service.

    In addition, the Foundation is committed to cultivating a diverse, new generation of leaders. This includes programs that help students create change on their college campuses; support networks that foster women’s leadership to stand own and on to add value on society. Our main theme is to build a future where our children will be proud of us that we cared for people, planet and profit at the same time.