Novel Graduate School of Pharmacy offers Bachelor of Pharmacy (B Pharm) an undergraduate degree with a combination of biology and chemistry. The study of pharmacy is mainly concerned with the action of drugs on biological systems and their applications for human drug therapy. The Program prepares graduates for the contemporary role of the pharmacist in society ensuring that patients optimise medication usage.

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Initial courses on Chemical , Physical and Biological studies lead to professionak specialties, Practical and clinical science studies begin in first year, providing students with a strong background in professional practice. The program integrates six streams of study: quality use of medication; dosage form design; social and professional aspects of pharmacy; drug discovery; biological fate of drugs; and data analysis in pharmacy.

The Bachelor of Pharmacy requires four years of full-time study with one intake each year.

B.Pharmacy Semester Cycle

Semester I Semester II Semester III
1. Phar Inorganic Chemistry 1.Phar Organic Chemistry - I 1. Phar Organic Chemistry - II
2. Pharmacognosy - I 2.Pharmacognosy - II 2. Pharmacognosy - III
3.Physical Chemistry 3.Physical Pharmacy 3.Pharmaceutical Analysis -II
4. Mathematics 4. Pharmaceutical Analysis - I 4. Pharmaceutical Engineering
5.Basic Computer App. 5.Anatomy and Physiology 5. Anatomy & Physiology - II
6. Communication Skills    


Semester - IV Semester - V Semester - VI
1. Biochemistry 1.Medicinal Chemistry -I 1. Medicinal Chemistry - II
2.Chemistry of Natural Products 2.Pharmaceutical Technology - I 2.Phar Technology -II
3.Pharmaceutical Engg-I 3.Phar Bio Technology 3.Pharmacology - III
4.Pharmaceutical Microbiology 4.Pharmacology - II 4. Biopharma & Pharmacokinetics
5.Pharmacology - I 5.Public Health Pharmacy 5.Biostastics
  6.Pathophysiology 6.Engg Drawing


Semester - VII Semester -VIII
1. Dosage from Design 1.Hospital Pharmacy
2.Pharmaceutical Management 2.Drug Delivery System
3.Pharmacotherapeutics 3.Quality Assurance and Instrumental
4.Research Methodology 4. Clinical Pharmacy
5.Forensic Pharmacy 5.Project Works
6.Dispensing and Community Pharmacy  


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    After obtaining the B. Pharma and  M Pharma Degree , the pharmacy graduates will be eligible for rewarding employment in the following situations :

    • Pharmaceutical Industries
    • Hospitals
    • Drug Dispensing Establishment
    • Government of Drug Administrations
    • Academia
    • Drug Research Laboratory
    • Health Research Council



    - Candidate must have completed 10+2 / A level in science ( Maths and Bio Group) securing at least 50% marks or passed Diploma in Pharmacy / HA / CMLT securing at least 60% marks in Agg.

    - In Grading system students must secured at least C grade in each subject and 2.4 CGPA in Agg.


    - Merit And Reservation Scholarship will be provided to the students according to their performance in Entrance Exam Result

    - William Procter Award will be awarded for outstanding student in each Batch.