MBA — Dynamic, relevant and realistic

The MBA program at Novel GSM emphasizes strategic thinking and leadership: why knowledge is significant and how to apply learning to drive results. Here the questions you ask are just as important as the answers you craft…and the leadership skills you use to execute a complex business solution are just as vital as the strategy you develop. Interactive learning environments, collaborative team projects and hands-on work experiences allow you to apply your learning directly, use trial and error, and advance your knowledge with support from teammates, faculty and advisors.

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Curricular Structure:

The MBA program is of 70 credit hours with 26 course components including internship project or thesis. There are two non-credit courses for non-management background students. Each course component has a weight of 2 or 3 credit hours requiring a minimum of 32 or 48 direct class contact hours per semester and 5 credit hours for Internship or Thesis. Additionally there are number of seminar series conducted in different semesters.

MBA Course Cycle

Semester I 17 Cr Semester II 20Cr
FO-511 Quantitative Skills for Buss Stds 2 CO-521 Management Accounting 3    
FO-512 Managerial Communications 2 CO-522 Macro Economics 3
FO-513 Managerial Eco & Decision Making 2 CO-523 Financial Managemt 3
FO-514 Legal Environment of Business 3 CO-524 Operations Mgnt 3
FO-515 Org Behaviour &Leadership Skills 3 CO-525 Human Resource Mgnt 3
FO-516 Marketing for Managers 3 CO-526 Business Research 3
FO-517 Financial Accounting 3 CO-527 Seminar Series - I 2


Semester III 15 Cr Semester IV 18 Cr
CO-531 Mgnt Information Sys. & E-Commer   3        CA-541 Strategic Management       3       
CO-532 Organisation Change & Des 2 CA-542 International Business 2
CO-533 Entrepreneurship 2 XX-54X Specialization III 3
CO-531 Seminar Series II 2 XX-54X Specialization IV 3
CO-531 Specialization I 3 XX-54X Specialization V Seminar 2
CO-532 Specialization II 3 IN- Internship / Thesis 5


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